Hebron Homecoming Parade


Parade and Community Pep Rally Information 

2021 Homecoming Theme: HOCO S20 E21 

The judges will be scoring the floats on the following criteria: 

~ Spirit: Does the float/entry show Hebron Hawk pride and spirit?

~ Appearance: Is the float/entry attractive? 

~ Creativity: Is the float/entry clever and unique in it’s design? 

~ Thematic: Does the float/entry follow the 2021 Homecoming theme?

~ Group Participation: Are the participants involved in the character and theme of  the float/entry?  

Prizes will be awarded to the following: Best Elementary Float, Best Middle School  Float, Best High School Organization Float 

Please remember that SAFETY is our #1 PRIORITY during the parade. Please  keep this in mind while planning and constructing your float, as well as during  the parade.  

Parade Logistics And Guidelines:  

Parade Route: The parade route will start in the student parking lot directly off of Charles Street. The parking lot WILL NOT be accessible to parade participants before 4:00 p.m.  

  • Parents Dropping Off Students for the Parade: You may enter the student parking lot off Charles Street into the east-most section of the staging area lot to loop  through and drop off parade participants. NO PARKING IN THIS SECTION. • Floats, Trailers, and Cars for the Parade: Please enter through the designated  entrance off of Charles Street (see Order of Parade Map) and find your location in  the parade. Parade volunteers will be available to assist.  

~ Dignitaries and Homecoming Court: Please enter the main parking lot off Charles St and park along the strip of spots along the chain-link fence or in the northeast  parking lot on the hill. There will be volunteers to help you. 

~ High School Organizations: Far left side of parking lot (if facing the school) next to the new tennis courts 

~ Middle Schools: Parking area to the right of all high school organizations

~ Elementary Schools: To the right of the middle schools 

IMPORTANT: The stretch of parking by the fence line separating the teachers’ parking lot from the students’ parking lot is available ONLY for band and Silver Wings. 

  • Candy Etiquette: Parade participants are responsible for providing candy to throw during the parade. Please remind students to toss candy underhand and  throw it away from the street onto the sidewalk area! This will prevent young children from running close to the parade floats or vehicles. Although we will funnel  through the parking lot next to the main campus to begin, the official start of the  parade is at Charles Street. Therefore, we ask that you do not throw candy until your group hits Charles Street. The route will go north on Charles Street to Plano Parkway. Take a left on Plano Parkway and then re-enter school property at the drive next to the 9th Grade Campus. From here, you will return to the staging area to  unload students and clean up.  
  • ***Do Not Unload Students At The Stadium: The parade route ends at the upper parking lot Staging Area, not the Stadium. DO NOT unload students at the stadium, as it backs up the entire parade.  
  • Banners at Hawk Stadium: Spirit banners used during the parade may be hung along the entry fence inside the stadium at the conclusion of the parade.  
  • Staging Area Cleanup: Please make sure your staging area is cleared of  all trash and debris. Trash cans will be located in the parking lot for your convenience. 
  • Float And Car Rules: Every float, trailer, and car must be accompanied by at  least ONE LISD approved sponsor or coach plus ONE other adult. Drivers of vehicles may not throw any item from a moving vehicle, and they are not to talk or text on  their cell phone during the parade. Participants must keep all body parts within the confines of the vehicle or float. Dangling feet over the edge of the vehicle is  prohibited. Parade participants should in no way encourage spectators to leave the  curb or move into the street for any reason. Participants are prohibited from leaving any parade apparatus, moving or stopped, during the parade. 

If you have additional questions, Please contact the Hebron PTSA Homecoming  Chair, Stephanie Smith at HebronPTSAHomecoming@gmail.com.



Wednesday, October 20, 2021

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