8th Grade Bon Voyage Bash (End of Year Celebration)





On Friday, May 19th during school, the 8th grade KMS teachers and PTA we be hosting the first "Bon Voyage Bash" for our 8th grade class of 2022-2023 to enjoy a full day of fun, jam packed with bounce houses, games, food, and fun!  


For questions, please reach out to Ms. Martinez at martinezrg@lisd.net or KillianPTASocial@gmail.com.







Volunteers are needed to help run the various bounce houses, game stations, etc.  If you would like to volunteer please scan the QR code.  If you are already VOLY approved- be sure you are a “FAN” of Killian Middle School. 


Donations: big games, bounce houses (and equipment), dunk tank, 9 Ball, Gaga Ball, Spike Ball, giant chess/checkers, etc.  Please be aware that over 300 students will have access to your donation, and while we will do our best to monitor use, accidents do happen


Send an email to martinezrg@lisd.net if you have items you are willing to donate for the event.

Friday, May 19, 2023

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