There is a limited number of school supply packs available, and inventory is displayed grade-specific based on your student.  Once they are sold-out, we are unable to order more.  If there are no options available to you, then school supply packs for your grade are sold out.




Packs will be delivered to your student after school starts, and the teachers will receive their portion of the supplies directly.


Note: items will be pre-sorted, so your teacher supplies will be sent directly to the school, and you will only pick up the student portion.  Check for an email from Educational Products if you're not sure whether or not you placed an order. If you have questions about wrap packs, please reach out to Tara jiranekte@gmail.com or Juhy juhydaniels@yahoo.com.


Prefer to purchase your own or curious what is included in your School Supply Pack?
Buy the items for your grade (BOTH lists)
and bring the TEACHER SUPPLIES to campus on the first day of school (8/10).



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